Andrya Lopez is an extremely gifted energy intuitive and I have found her ability to identify and clear subconscious patterns more useful in some instances than months of psychotherapy.  In fact, I believe her clearing reaches places in the individual psyche most therapy does not touch.

I have been a therapist and have experienced many kinds of therapy, and my work with Andrya has brought me healing like nothing else I have tried.

Nan Henderson, M.S.W.

Author of "Resilency in Schools"

I went to Andrya for a debilitating headache that did not respond to anything I had tried, including pain killers.  I had no idea what texactly I wanted Andrya to do for me, Reiki perhaps, I thought.  She was very patient with me, listening to my complaints and my concerns before making recommendations on how to proceed.  After just one session with Andrya, my headache greatly diminished and started vanishing away until t was gone within a couple of days.  Now, weeks later, I am still completely free of headaches.

My experience with Andrya was absolutely amazing.  Her energy work is powerful!  Not only is she a loving an caring person with whom you immediately feel comfortable and at ease with, but there is no doubt in my mind, Andrya is a true, gifted compassionate healer.


I love Andrya's flower essence sprays!  I was worried and obsessed over my children in excess.  I would become so worked up over the littlest of things.  I was then introduced to Andrya's sprays.  I thought it was crazy, spraying myself with flower essences, how could that work.  She made up a special spray just for me and told me to use it when I felt worried or obsessive but to make sure to use it at least four times during the day.  It took a matter of five days spraying myself four times a day to see a difference.  I began to have the knowledge or feeling that the kids were going to be fine.  The obsessing stopped.  I have completely changed my thought patterns for the better because of her sprays.  My kids call it my focus spray because it helps me to focus on what is important.


The violet light imagery in "I am the Light" on her meditation CD is more than just relaxing.  I follow the breathing affirmation from that meditation, "I love the light, I am the light" while doing my stretching exercises as well


Andrya's meditations are portals for  healing of the body, mind and spirit.  If you have never meditated before or have meditated for many years, these meditations are truly a gift brought to all of us through this amazing healer.  


Andrya Lopez has many amazing gifts. Her method of intuitive healing is clearly dependent upon whether the person she is working on is ready and willing to clear.  My work with Andrya was truly life changing.  By being open to the process, many old emotions held in the subconscious were released. I feel as if  I have been given the opportunity to truly love life again. We all have extremely complicated psyches, developed by the histories of all the relationships and experiences we have had.  Andrya's process allows her to hone in on those historic moments that are holding us back from living our life to the fullest.  I recommend Andrya with all my heart and soul.


Amazing products!

Every time I've used Spirit Transformations sprays or roll-ons I feel an instant energetic shift.  They have helped me as described on the label; whether it is for transmuting fear, speaking your truth, stepping into my power, etc... It delivers each and every time, within seconds!  I am so amazed by these products! 

I have also used these sprays and roll-ons on friends, loved ones and clients.  They all share with me how much it helps them.  It even helped a dear friend of mine feel more calm as she was processing fear and grief with her husband passing away.

I highly recommend utilizing these wondrous gifts to help you and your loved ones with whatever you, and they, may need.

Terese Covey